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What to look for in a disability lawyer in Michigan

What to Look for in a Disability Lawyer in Michigan

March 13, 2019

If you have ever applied for Social Security Disability benefits, you know how complicated the process can be. That’s why so many people hire a disability lawyer in Michigan to help them receive the benefits they need and deserve. In addition to complex rules and regulations, forms and filing deadlines, there is an overwhelming amount of information.

For instance, do you know…

  • The difference between Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits (also known as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (RSDI)?
  • How the Social Security Administration (SSA) defines disability?
  • Many deserving applicants are denied disability benefits, even when they are legally eligible to receive them?
  • People who hire an experienced disability lawyer in Michigan to handle their appeals are more successful than those who don’t?

How A Disability Lawyer in Michigan Can Help

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides benefits to workers who are disabled and unable to work. However, because the system is a maze of complex rules and exceptions, obtaining these benefits can be challenging. Therefore, most people are more successful with a knowledgeable lawyer on their side. 

Here are some of the ways a disability lawyer in Michigan can help you obtain the Social Security benefits you deserve.

A qualified disability lawyer will:

  • Explain the various benefit categories and eligibility requirements for each one
  • Help you determine which benefits you should apply for
  • Obtain the supporting documents and medical records that will best support your claim
  • Help you complete the many required forms and submit them in accordance with SSA filing deadlines
  • Handle your appeal if your initial claim is denied
  • Represent you in court if your case goes to trial
  • Help your claim receive expedited processing if you are a veteran or have a condition that qualifies for the SSA Compassionate Allowances program.
  • Obtain benefits for people with impaired vision who do not meet the SSA’s legal definition of blindness
  • Help qualifying widows, widowers and children who are disabled receive increased benefits

Choosing the Right Michigan Disability Lawyer

Life changes abruptly when you or a loved one becomes disabled due to an injury or debilitating illness. Suddenly, you are immersed in a world of unfamiliar specialists, hospitals, medication protocols and rehabilitation professionals. If you are the primary wage earner, your family may be suffering financially. 

You need the income; however, applying for disability benefits can seem like an impossible task. Deciding to hire a lawyer is the first step, but how do you choose the right one?

Look for a disability lawyer in Michigan who:

  • Specializes in Social Security disability law and understands the complexities of the system
  • Has a proven track record of success in obtaining disability benefits for clients like you
  • Has compassion for the emotional and financial strain you and your family are experiencing as a result of your disability
  • Will not charge you an up-front fee for taking your case

“When you or someone in your family becomes disabled, you don’t need the added stress of trying to obtain Social Security benefits,” says Mark Bernstein of The Sam Bernstein Law Firm. “Whether your initial claim was rejected or you’re applying for the first time, we can help you receive the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.”

Social Security disability law is complicated, but finding the right lawyer is simple.

Call 1-800-CALL-SAM today for a free no-obligation consultation.