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Road trip safety

5 Road Trip Safety Tips That Will Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

June 6, 2019

Are we there yet? Traveling by car is a great way to create lasting family memories. Those last-minute items are in the trunk, and the kids are eager to start their adventure. But first, here are some road trip safety tips to help you prepare for the unexpected.    

Before You Go

  • Make sure all vehicle lights are working. Check headlights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, interior lights and trailer lights.
  • Check other equipment such as wiper blades, belts and hoses.
  • Be sure your air conditioning system is working properly. A hot car can be dangerous for children and some older adults.
  • Check all fluid levels; including coolant, oil, windshield washer fluid, and brake, transmission and power steering fluids.
  • Pack an emergency road trip safety kit.

Road Trip Safety While Driving

  • Stay alert. If you’re tired, pull into a rest stop or find a motel.
  • Be especially mindful of motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Avoid distractions such as cell phones and other electronic devices.
  • Never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking or using drugs. Even some prescription or over-the-counter drugs can impair your ability to drive safely.
  • Don’t speed. Speeding is the main cause of fatal accidents. Observe the posted speed limits and reduce speed when traffic is heavy, or roads are wet or slippery.

Traveling With Children

  • Make sure each child has the appropriate car seat or booster seat, properly installed, for their age and size.
  • Never leave unattended children in a car, even for a few minutes.
  • Watch out for children when you’re backing out of rest stops or parking lots. Remember that back-up cameras may be too high to register small children or pets.

Out-of-State Accidents 

Even a well-prepared and cautious driver can have an accident. And, when it happens in another state, collecting the insurance benefits you deserve can be challenging.

Here is an overview of how Michigan no-fault works when you are injured out-of-state.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits

These benefits provide unlimited lifetime coverage of necessary medical expenses resulting from an auto accident. In addition, with certain limitations, victims may be reimbursed for lost wages, attendant care and replacement services such as household help.

A Michigan resident who is injured out of state may receive Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits providing two main requirements are met:

  • The motor vehicle accident occurred within the United States, its territories or Canada.
  • The injured Michigan resident has a Michigan no-fault policy, has a spouse who is covered by a Michigan no-fault policy, or is a household member/relative of someone covered by a Michigan no-fault policy.

Here are some additional points about receiving no-fault benefits outside Michigan:

  • Victims without insurance who are injured in a vehicle insured by a Michigan no-fault policy may be eligible for PIP benefits.   
  • The no-fault policyholder, spouse and any relative living in the same household are also entitled to PIP benefits. The same is true for non-related passengers who were injured while riding in the vehicle involved in the crash.
  • Motorcyclists or pedestrians who are injured out of state are not typically able to receive compensation under Michigan no-fault.
  • If a Michigan resident is at fault, the laws governing the state where the accident happened apply.

Non-Economic Damages (Pain and Suffering)

It is possible for Michigan residents who are seriously injured in another state to collect damages for pain and suffering. However, this can be a complex process that involves many factors. For example, in most states, the Michigan resident must prove the other driver was at least 50% at fault. In addition, plaintiffs are subject to the accident and insurance laws in the state where the crash occurred. Therefore, hiring an experienced Michigan accident lawyer to handle your claim will help you achieve the most favorable outcome.

Auto accident law is complicated, but finding the right attorney is simple.

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