Au-Some City 313

Au-Some City 313 is a Detroit-based non-profit created for youth and adults with autism. This amazing organization provides social and recreational activities within (or close to) Detroit. Their goal is to promote the development of those with autism and other special needs within a safe and sensory-friendly atmosphere. These opportunities created by Au-Some City 313 promote school, community, and career readiness, which allows their members to live their lives to the fullest!

Kids of all ages playing with pom-poms on a football field


Autism diagnosis has increased over the past two years from 1 in 44 to 1 in every 36 children. With a condensed populated like Detroit's, the need to create environments where  these people can feel safe and comfortable is ever-increasing as well. Au-Some City 313 sets out to solve this need and provide opportunities and spaces for individuals with special needs to be able to enjoy various activities within their own community.

Throughout the year you can catch Au-Some City 313 and all of their participants at various community events where families can enjoy experiences they otherwise would never be able to. Their biggest event is Prom Night for Autism. This event is entirely FREE to particpants! Au-Some City 313 takes care of everything from collecting prom attire, such as suits and dresses, to organizing catering, DJ's and everything else needed to make this night magical! They plan to use their Call Sam Cares donation to help support their Prom Night so it can continue on for many generations to come. The Sam Bernstein Law Firm is proud to be able to help support such an amazing organization in their continued effort to improve our community!