Ferndale Youth Assistance

The Ferndale Youth Assistance is a donation based organization with a mission to help their students succeed. These teachers and volunteers alike discovered a need for items like hygiene products and educational notebooks among their high school students. Through their donation of time and resources, this organizations has significantly improved the lives of their students.

An industrial rack with hygiene products on the shelves


The Ferndale Youth Assistance was started by teachers as a way to help give support their students by supplying them with things that they may not be able to get at home. High school is tough on many and can bring about many embarrassing situations. That's why the Ferndale Youth Assistance has created a way where students can discretely and privately request the supplies that they may need. Through the use of QR codes a student no longer has to choose between privacy and getting the items they may need.

Being a small organization, the Ferndale Youth Association relies solely on donations in order to keep their mission going. They intend to use their Call Sam Cares donation to help supply the Care Closet and continue improving the lives of their students. The Sam Bernstein Law Firm is proud to help support such an impactful and amazing organization!