Hand of Hope - FLM

Hand of Hope - FLM is dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth reach their full potential in Flint, MI. This organization was born out of the COVID pandemic when they noticed that on-top of the lead water crisis, students who were already academically challenged were going to suffer far greater than most other communities. So they set forth to provide these students with the opportunity that they deserved in order to be successful throughout life.

group of students looking at a clue for a scavenger hunt written on paper


Hand of Hope - FLM "adopts" several students as they enter the third grade. From there, they follow these students along their educational career until they graduate from high school. In order to achieve this success, Hand of Hope - FLM provides continuous support services through goal setting, progress monitoring, character building and other various forms of support to make sure these students achieve the academic standards needed to graduate.

Hand of Hope - FLM also works directly with parents on a weekly basis to encourage the reinforcement of whatever instructions have taken place. Through these one-on-one meetings, they determine whether the academic support is still needed as well as develop a plan to continue the support and tutoring needed for the whole family. Hand of Hope - FLM plans to use their donation to continue to be able to provide these academic services for their students to make sure they are able to perform at the appropriate grade-level. The Sam Bernstein Law Firm is proud to be able to help support such an amazing organization in their continued effort to improve our community!