LSO Dance Foundation

The LSO Dance Foundation is a arts-based organization with a mission to transform the lives of young Detroiters through the art of Dance. This organization breaks down the barriers and helps build bridges for low-income, at-risk and minority youth so they can have access to the art of dance. While at the same time bringing the art of dance into the community as a whole!


Group of dance students in a dance academy


The LSO Dance Foundation not only makes the art of dance more accessible, but they also help younger artists understand the impact that they can have in their community. Using the proceeds from ticket sales of their live performances, this organization is able to create scholarships for students serious about their art and use that to further their careers in dance.

The LSO Dance Foundation is set to host a performance at Wayne State University. For this live event, they will be using their Call Sam Cares donation to help transport over 600 elementary and middle school students from all over the Detroit area. These students will then get to see their annual S.H.I.N.E. performance. S.H.I.N.E. is a live history performance that incorporates several different styles of dance, as well as narration and story telling, to teach students not only about the history of dance but also black history as well. The Sam Bernstein Law Firm is proud to help assist such an amazing organization!