Project Bike Tech

Project Bike Tech is a national non-profit organization whose program has partnered with Kearsely High School in Flint, MI. They are the only high school which currently offers the program in the state. Project Bike Tech offers students the ability to learn a new set of skills by rebuilding and repairing bicycles. The program then gives these bicycles out to the Genesee County community to those that may be in need of transportation. Benefitting both the students directly and the community as a whole!

two highschool students reparing bicycles


Through hands-on lessons, students learn to develop their problem solving skills while also allowing them to get the satisfaction of seeing their hard work pay off almost instantaneously. Once finished, the project-bicycle is then donated those to the less fortunate. Each student is able to feel the success of their handiwork by directly giving back to their community.

Students who go through this program often say that this is the reason they come to school. They love the class and get enjoyment beyond just learning how to fix a bike. Many say that this class has helped show them a career and life path that they plan to follow after graduation. With their donation, Project Bike Tech plans to use their funds to continue to support their organization and all of the current and future students involved. The Sam Bernstein Law Firm is proud to be able to help support such an amazing organization in their continued effort to improve our community!