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Airplane Crashes

Aviation Accident Lawyer in Michigan

If you or a loved one was involved in an airplane crash, we have an aviation accident lawyer ready to help you fight for compensation. Personal injury claims arising out of airplane crashes are particularly complicated and often involve serious bodily injury. Aviation-related injuries result in approximately 1,000 hospitalizations each year in the United States, with an in-hospital mortality rate of 2%. Before proceeding with an aviation accident personal injury claim, speak with an aviation accident lawyer that has experience handling cases like yours.

The Legal Process for Aviation Cases

Personal injury claims for aviation accidents involve a complex legal process. One of the most time-consuming aspects of aviation injury cases is the process of gathering all of the relevant and necessary evidence to effectively prosecute the case. This is known as legal discovery, and it includes both the exchange of written responses under oath to questions asked by the other party and the production of relevant documents and materials.

The Role of the National Traffic Safety Board in Airplane Crash Investigations

The National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) collects data on airplane crashes and attempts to uncover the reason for the crash. While the NTSB does conduct a thorough investigation of an airplane crash, the government agency’s primary goal is to ensure transportation safety; not to help bring justice to those injured and impacted by the crash. In fact, the Safety Board’s analysis of factual information gathered in the course of an airplane crash investigation cannot even be entered into evidence in a court of law.

Though the NTSB may be able to get the investigation process moving in the right direction, it is a lawyer’s job to fight for justice for the victims of these airplane crashes. Our experienced attorneys are just a phone call away and are available for consultations during nearly any time that fits your schedule.

Legal Questions Regarding Airplane Crash Cases

One of the most important legal questions that must be resolved when it comes to aviation accident cases is the question of what law applies to the injury claim. Depending on the facts of the case, including the responsible party or parties, as well as the severity of the injuries, the claim may fall under federal law.

The claim may also be able to proceed under state law and may have an appropriate venue in more than one state. State laws vary and having an experienced attorney on your side can make a huge difference in your case, as your attorney will be able to weigh the benefits of filing in each potential venue and make a choice to file in the venue that is most beneficial to you, as the plaintiff.  

Your case could have a very different outcome from one state to another, as each state has unique sets of laws that apply to multiple aspects of your case—from the discovery process to damage caps. Damage caps effectively “cap” the compensation you may be entitled to and can seriously limit your potential recovery, so having an attorney well-versed in handling these issues can make or break your case. Contact our office today so our lawyers can get started on your aviation accident case.


Legal Resources

The following sections have more information on Airplane Crashes:

  • Why do airplane accidents happen?

    The reasons for airplane crashes include:

    • Engine failure
    • Equipment failure
    • Poor maintenance of mechanical equipment
    • Instrument failure
    • On-board computer or software defects
    • Pilot error
    • Air traffic control error
    • Collision with another aircraft
    • Fuel tank explosion
    • Ice accumulation on aircraft
    • Ice, snow, or other hazards on runway

    If you or a loved one was involved in an airplane crash, we can help.

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  • Who is responsible for injuries after an airplane crash?

    The negligence of one or more individuals and/or businesses may lead to an airplane accident.

    Of course, the only people who are not responsible are the innocent passengers. While on board the plane, they have to trust others with their lives.

    The following is a list of those whose negligence might cause an airplane crash:

    • Pilots
    • Airline operator, including its supervisors, mechanics, or safety personnel
    • Aircraft owner
    • Manufacturer of the aircraft
    • Manufacturer of aircraft equipment, instruments, or computer systems
    • Contractors that maintain the airplane and important components
    • FAA air traffic controllers
    • FAA weather services
    • Airport owner
    • Airport maintenance contractor

    If you or a loved one was involved in an airplane crash, we can help.

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