July 2023 in Taylor, MI



We are proud to support our local communities through our Gas Giveaway program! In July of 2023, The Sam Bernstein Law Firm gave away FREE gas tank fill-ups to the first 100 people that showed up to the Kroger Gas Station in Taylor, MI.

Below are some pictures and videos of the event. Along with some of the news coverage regarding the Gas Giveaway program. We want to extend a sincere thanks to all those who participate and congratulate everyone that was able to show up first and get their FREE tank of gas on us.

Be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels, along with our website, to find out the location of our next giveaway!

two men standing at a gas pump
man standing outside of car talking to woman inside of car through driver side window
person pumping gas into a car
one person talking to someone inside a car through the passenger window while others stand next to same car
person pumping gas into a silver car
Man shaking hands with another man through the driver window of a car


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