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How Does This Work?

How Does This Work?

Our firm is built around our clients.

When you or someone you love has been injured you feel like your life has been flipped upside down.

The most common questions we hear from our clients are – “How will my case proceed?” and “How does this work?”

You can always contact our law firm through this website or by phone to speak with us in greater detail. That’s what we are here for.

The facts surrounding each legal claim are unique. As each case is different, it is difficult to predict the length of time necessary to see a case to resolution or the nature of the resolution. However, there are certain things that you can generally expect to occur if we pursue an injury claim on your behalf.

We will come to you. We will visit you when and where it’s most convenient.

We understand that getting around after an accident is never easy. Often times mobility is impaired because of medical or logistical reasons.

During the visit, we will obtain the documents related to your case. Specifically, these documents will help us begin the investigation phase of your accident and injuries including accident reports, police reports and medical records.

If a face to face meeting is not practical, information can still be exchanged by phone, mail, or email.


We believe that a careful investigation of personal injury cases is absolutely critical.

We thoroughly and carefully investigate each case.

Although every case is unique, our investigation process usually involves several important steps. We begin by obtaining police reports, accident reports, witness statements, and photographs.

The investigation process continues as the case proceeds. We may retain experts to help us present your case effectively. These experts may be necessary to reconstruct an auto accident, apply standards of care, identify building code violations, or determine if a produce was defective.

The most important factor in the investigation phase is, of course, experience and tenacity. Our investigators are highly experienced and treat each case as if their own family was involved.


During the pre-suit process, we work to assemble materials related to your case including medical records and other information about your injury. During this phase of the case the focus shifts from assessing the viability of the case to preparing the case for settlement or litigation.

Typically, our clients continue to receive medical treatment after the accident. During the pre-suit process, we work hard to maintain the most up-to-date medical, injury, and work related information.

During the pre-suit process, an attorney and legal assistant will be assigned to personally manage your case. You will receive the direct dial phone number and email for your attorney and legal assistant. You should never hesitate to contact us for any reason. Remember, we work for you.

Most clients quite reasonably want to know how much money they will be receiving at the end of a successful personal injury claim. The truth is, the value of your case depends upon the outcome of your medical treatment and extent of your recovery, as well as the circumstances of the accident.


Many cases never reach the litigation stage because they are settled during the pre-suit process. Sometimes it is necessary to litigate a case when the insurance company is unwilling to settle the case for an appropriate value. In these instances, our clients benefit from the substantial trial experience and financial resources of our firm.

The majority of our claims are settled during the pre-suit process without ever having to file a lawsuit. We attempt to negotiate with the insurance company or companies involved to reach a satisfactory settlement. If we cannot negotiate an acceptable settlement without a lawsuit, then litigation will be initiated. Our client always makes the final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of a settlement offer.

The litigation process usually involves a process called discovery. During the discovery process you may be called upon to answer written questions called interrogatories or give testimony known as a deposition. Of course, an experienced trial lawyer from our office will be with you every step of the way.

It may be necessary to present your claim in court in front of a judge or jury. If so, our team of accomplished trial lawyers will ensure that your case is tried with professionalism and skill.


At the conclusion of your claim, our goal is to far exceed your expectations in both service and value. We will work tirelessly to accomplish this goal. After a settlement or verdict, the disbursement process concludes our work. This process typically involves receiving funds from the insurance company, reviewing and approving the release, sorting out any lien issues, and then delivering a check to you as quickly as possible.

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