Distraction-Free in the D

It’s no secret that teen drivers are the most vulnerable to distracted driving, which often leads to unnecessary tragedy. At The Sam Bernstein Law Firm, we were concerned about this dangerous epidemic long before it became front-page news.

To help create awareness and keep our young drivers safe, we partnered with then-Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and Fox2 Detroit to create the Distraction-Free Detroit – Distraction-Free in the D campaign for high school students. The campaign featured a contest where teens earned points for their schools by taking an online pledge to avoid using cell phones or engaging in other distracting activities, such as eating or interacting with passengers, while driving.

"We have learned first-hand about the dangers of distracted driving, with far too many injury cases coming through our office because of texting, changing the station or other distractions," said Mark Bernstein, president and managing partner of The Sam Bernstein Law Firm. "These incidents have lifelong impacts on the drivers, the victims, their families. We hope to help teens break bad habits and motivate young drivers to stay safe by learning how to focus only on the road."

For additional resources on teen driving safety, visit Michigan.gov/TeenDriver.


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