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Verdicts &

We have championed the cause of the seriously injured accident victims for three generations. For almost half a century, we have helped over 100,000 clients and recovered over $500 million in verdicts and settlements.

Our team of experienced trial lawyers have a combined total of over 500 years of experience. Our experience and results pay.

Below is a small sample of representative verdicts and settlements:

  • Dog Attack $100,000,000

    Pit Bull dog attack causing catastrophic injuries including amputation of left arm and left leg, loss of left ear, functional loss of both right arm and leg, and over twenty surgeries. Default Judgement.

  • Car Accident $5,900,000

    A careless driver rear-ended our client, causing head injuries and orthopedic fractures.

  • Bus Accident $3,500,000

    Our client was seriously injured by a bus. The injuries were extensive. The client needed help getting the benefits she was entitled to under No Fault law.

  • Truck Accident $3,000,000

    A truck driving recklessly struck our client. Our client suffered catastrophic injuries, including multiple fractures requiring several major surgeries and therapy.

  • Medical Malpractice $2,875,000

    Medical malpractice involving general anesthetic of a young child during surgery. Our client suffered severe and permanent brain damage.

  • Car Accident $2,700,000

    Our client's vehicle was rear-ended by a bus. Our client, a young child, suffered a Closed Head Injury (CHI), coma, internal bleeding, and spinal trauma.

  • Car Accident $2,600,000

    Our client was severely injured in an auto accident. Multiple fractures and other serious injuries caused intense pain and suffering.

  • Burn Accident $2,200,000

    An explosion occurred while our client was pumping gas. The explosion was caused by the gas stations failure to properly maintain the fuel line. Our client suffered major burns on both legs and the right hand.

  • Car Accident $1,400,000

    Brain hemorrhaging and skull fractures were some of the injuries our client sustained in the accident.

  • Car Accident $1,250,000

    Our client was injured in a serious car accident and needed help. Multiple fractures and other serious injuries created a burden for our client and their family.

  • Car & Truck Accident $1,085,000

    Our client, his wife, and newborn baby were in a parked vehicle that was struck by a garbage truck and another vehicle. Our client's injuries resulted in permanent disability.

  • Drunk Driver $1,000,010

    A drunk driver struck a police vehicle and pinned our client between the two vehicles. The collision crushed our client's leg. The injury required multiple surgeries involving muscle and skin grafts.

  • Bicycle Accident $1,000,000

    Our client was hit by a careless truck driver while out was riding a bicycle. The client suffered serious injuries.

  • Car Accident $980,000

    Our client was seriously injured in a car accident. She also needed help getting the insurance companies to pay her no-fault benefits so she could focus on recovering from her injuries.

  • Car Accident $925,000

    Our client was severely injured in a car accident and needed help.

  • Motorcycle Accident $745,000

    Our client was struck by a car while out on their motorcycle. The client received many fractured bones and other serious injuries.

  • Slip & Fall Accident $600,000

    Our client slipped and fell causing severe lower extremity injuries. These injuries necessitated several major surgeries related to bone, ligament, and nerve trauma.

  • Nursing Home Neglect $350,000

    A client's leg was broken when an attendant allowed our client to fall.

  • No-Fault Benefits $300,000

    Our client needed help getting their rehab covered and collecting no-fault benefits that the insurance company refused to pay.

  • Car Accident $300,000

    A van struck our client, who was standing at a street intersection. The collision severely injured our client's left arm and elbow requiring surgery.

  • Dog Bite Injury $300,000

    Our client, a toddler child, was attacked by a pit bull causing multiple head and facial injuries. These injuries resulted in permanent scarring on the young child's face.

  • Dog Bite Injury $245,000

    Our client, a young child, was attacked by a dog while visiting a friend's home after school. Our client suffered multiple facial lacerations.

  • Slip and Fall Injury $225,000

    A business failed to remove ice from their parking lot, causing multiple fractures in our client's leg.

  • Dog Bite Injury $225,000

    A dog attack caused our client to fall resulting in a fractured left leg that required the insertion of a plate and screws. Our client also suffered a fractured arm.

  • Nursing Home Neglect $185,000

    Our client suffered Stage 4 bedsores on his back, feet and toes. The treatment for bedsores involved debridement and a skin graft.

  • Slip and Fall Injury $100,000

    Our client slipped and fell causing injury to his knee. The injury required major orthopaedic surgery with physical therapy. Or office obtained the maximum amount of recovery available under the insurance policy.

  • Dog Attack $100,000

    A dog was able to leave its yard and attack our client, tearing their shoulder.