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The Bernstein Advantage® has helped thousands of people collect millions of dollars.

Insurance companies work hard to defeat every claim.  The Bernstein Advantage® means that you don’t have to face the insurance company alone.

The Bernstein Advantage® puts over 500 years of collective legal experience in your corner against the insurance company.

Almost half a century ago, attorney Sam Bernstein founded The Law Offices of Sam Bernstein based on simple principles…  Today these simple principles represent the foundation of the Bernstein Advantage®:

  • It should be easy to get answers and help when you or a loved one is injured
  • You should always be able to get a FREE legal consultation
  • Always put the client first
  • Always give honest advice about each case
  • Always return phone calls promptly
  • Work ethic

At the Sam Bernstein Law Firm, we hold an unwavering commitment to representing people in their greatest hour of need. Every day, each member of our staff goes above and beyond to do everything possible to help our clients. We help bring an end to their suffering by listening to their concerns, answering their questions, explaining their options, and fighting for their rights.

This commitment, which is the bedrock of our firm, began in 1970 when a young and courageous lawyer decided to create his own firm dedicated to helping the victims of personal injury accidents.

When the Sam Bernstein Law Firm was established, it quickly earned a reputation for honesty, diligence, and client commitment. This reputation has solidified over the years with the continued pledge to listen to our clients, answer their questions, explain their options and fight for their rights. Clients often tell their friends "Better get Bernstein!" when in need of an attorney.

With Sam and his children Mark and Beth leading the firm, our client-focus has never been stronger. We remain devoted to the same values and principles upon which the firm was founded. Today those principles extend to the work we are doing in local, regional, and national communities.

If you or a loved on needs legal help, talk with an experienced lawyer immediately. Please submit a simple, free and confidential legal consultation form now.

Get the Bernstein Advantage® today.

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  • I want our name to continue to be known as one that speaks to integrity, honor, respect and service.
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    I want our name to continue to be known as one that speaks to integrity, honor, respect and service.

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