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Your Guide to Michigan’s New Marijuana Laws

December 13, 2019

Nearly a year after Michigan voters approved the legalization of recreational marijuana, licensed sellers opened their doors to customers 21 and older. Despite the limited number of retail stores, buyers spent more than $1.6 million during the first week of sales. However, many questions remain about how recreational marijuana users should apply the new guidelines

What is allowed under the new Michigan marijuana law?

Recreational marijuana is governed by the 2018 Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA). Here are the highlights of the law: 

  • Adults (over 21) may grow, possess and consume marijuana in their own homes.
  • Smoking marijuana or consuming edibles in public places is prohibited.
  • Consumers must show a valid state ID or driver’s license to purchase recreational marijuana.
  • It is legal to give marijuana to another person, providing they are 21 or older.
  • Buyers may purchase (or carry) up to 2.5 oz. of marijuana (or 15 grams of concentrate). 
  • Users may have up to 10 oz. of marijuana in their homes, but they must store amounts over 2.5 oz. in a locked place.
  • Consumers may grow up to 12 plants for personal use in their home or on their own property.
  • Outdoor plants must be in a locked or otherwise secured area and should not be visible to the public.
  • Renters must obtain approval from their landlords to grow marijuana.

Marijuana and minors (under 21)

If you under 21, using or possessing marijuana is illegal – unless you have a license to use medical marijuana. Those under 21 who are caught with marijuana by law enforcement may be arrested and charged with illegal drug use or possession. The age restriction applies to edible marijuana products and concentrate.

It is illegal for anyone (of any age) to drive under the influence, including individuals with medical marijuana licenses.

Marijuana and the workplace

Employers have the right to establish their own policies regarding marijuana (or other drugs). Employees can be disciplined or fired for violating company drug policy. In addition, an employer can legally refuse to hire a person who tests positive for marijuana.

Marijuana on the road

It is illegal to use marijuana while driving or riding in a motor vehicle. Anyone who operates a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana can be arrested and charged with drugged driving. This applies even if the driver consumed the drug before getting behind the wheel. Smoking and edible products are prohibited. In addition, this law applies to aircraft, snowmobiles, off-road recreational vehicles and motorboats. Motorcycles are also included, even though they are not considered motor vehicles under Michigan no-fault law.

Drivers with medical marijuana licenses may be arrested if they exhibit signs of impairment.

Drivers may carry up to 2.5 oz. of marijuana in a vehicle. However, law enforcement officials advise storing it inside the trunk in a secure container.

Marijuana “etiquette”

Here are some general guidelines recreational marijuana users should follow to ensure safety and avoid offending others:

  • Edibles enter the system more slowly. Start with a small amount and wait until it takes effect before consuming more.
  • Clearly label any food that contains cannabis.
  • Keep edible marijuana products out of children’s reach.
  • Don’t pressure anyone to use marijuana.
  • Be considerate about smoking around others. 
  • Establish ground rules with roommates before using marijuana in a shared space.

A word about medical marijuana

Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are now legal in Michigan. However, the sales and use of each are regulated by different laws. Therefore, it’s important to learn and comply with the rules for the type of marijuana you will be purchasing or using.

Marijuana laws are complicated, but finding the right attorney is simple.

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